Thursday, May 31, 2007

Model home update

Here are some shots of the inside of the model home. It will be officially opened as of next Wednesday! Let me take you on a tour...(I'll post updates next week when I take pics of it fully furnished). Don't mind all the workers and dirty floors - it will be cleaned next week.
The front
We have an address!
The view from upstairs
A view of soon-to-be neighbors
Coming down the stairs
The living room
Living room
Living room fireplace
Extra bathroom by garage
Upstairs bathroom
1st upstairs bedroom
2nd upstairs bedroom
Extra area when you come upstairs
3rd upstairs bedroom
Laundry room
Front walkway (Formal dining room on left)
Formal dining room
Front of formal dining room
Kitchen (looks out into living room)
Master bath
Master closet (the pics do not do it justice)
Master bedroom

This place is simply amazing! I have to say, I wasn't a fan of the dark color scheme (dark tiles, dark wood, dark cabinets, etc), but once in, it really pulled everything together. I told Chris, "Ok, I'm ready to move in NOW!" I just can't believe how beautiful the homes are. Yes, I do believe he's a genius! ;o)

Payton and Alex

She's watching Alex make his way over to her...
He was so fascinated by her. It was really cute. I know she looks scared in this picture, but she thought he was pretty neat!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Summer's here!

So it was in the 90's today and I finally got the sprinkler out for the kids (I wish we had a pool!).
Avonleigh spent her time on the deck!

Payton selpt through everything.

Peanut is a true waterbaby!

Our mangy mutt, Solomon (yes, he's shedding REALLY badly)

After sprinkler time...

Googally Fingers

Avonleigh discovered the baby hair clippies. She thought it was so fun to put them on her fingers...she called them "goo-gally finders."

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Last Day of School

Well, this was our last day of school this year. Sarah was teaching (she does such a GREAT job!). The kids are sitting at the table doing lapbooking. They just finished their unit on the Civil War. Their lapbooks turned out really well! Way to go Sarah!
James, Sarah with Alex, Glenn
Payton getting her own education in the exersaucer.
James and Peanut working
Glenn and Caleb
Peanut and Christopher
It was a great year! We had a lot of fun and it was nice when our friends, the Balls, joined us these last few months. We sure will miss them when they move to Wyoming.