Monday, May 21, 2007


We went across the street to the middle school and learned how to play golf - it was more of a lesson on patience for the adults ;o)
FHE treats - Rolos!
I love her big, brown eyes
Christopher learning to swing
Mouth full of Rolos
Let's try this again
"Hey that's my ball, Dad!"
Choo Choo found all the red balls
The pro gets ready...
Nice swing, Babe!
Entertaining herself by licking her clothes...
Isn't it beautiful here?


Bethany said...

Awesome pics! We've never taken the kids golfing before. I guess because we're not golfers, and don't have any of the stuff.

We do bike ride though. That's fun (I guess the kids bike ride, and we walk. Until the littlest gets big enough to ride on their own, we're kind of stuck with the stroller)

Pinky said...

What a great FHE! It's so fun to see how much the kids are enjoying themselves! I don't know but Buddy looks like an up and coming pro golfer :o) How did Peanut do?

Stephanie said...

Riding bikes is so fun! We need to start doing that - there's alway the "trail-a-bike!" If I can just rig it to put the infant carrier in...

Stephanie said...

Peanut did pretty well, she's better at keeping her eye on the ball!