Thursday, May 3, 2007

Necessity...the "mother" of all invention!

Yes, those ARE panties! I realize it looks insane to have panties on a 6 weeks-old - let me explain...

We had a LONG day on Wednesday. We left the house at 9:15am for a presidency meeting at the church. When that was over I had to run by some people's houses and got home just in time to make the kids lunch and "attempt" to put Avonleigh down for a nap.

My visiting teacher came over at 1pm and helped me cut out some fudge hearts that I had made for a wedding reception.

When I finally came to terms that Avonleigh was NOT going to take a nap, we left the house at 2pm to visit some other primary workers (it was visiting day!). I dropped the fudge hearts off at Sister Hollon's house and was getting ready to hurry off to the church for Acitivty Days, when she suggested that she would keep my 3 older kids at her house to play, while I took 2 of her daughters to AD - What a deal!

Ok, I'm getting to the point...we got to the church and got the girls their snack and then I fed Payton. She was soaking wet, so I changed her diaper, BUT I forgot to put size 1 diapers in the diaper bag, and I had just given all the newborn size to my first counselor (who I visisted that morning)! All I had was one of Avonleigh's emergency size 4 diaper. Ok, at least it's a diaper! So she wore a size 4. As soon as I was done changing her, I went in to help the girls make freezer jam and Payton FILLED that size 4 to the rim :o)

Then I had no diapers. BUT I DID have a pair of Avonleigh's panties and a pad! I put the pad in the panties, pulled them up on her little legs, then put a onesie on to hold everything in place...pretty ingenious, huh?!

Anyway, it lasted great for the next 2 hours until I could get home and change least she was all smiles!

The things moms go through...or, make their kids go through! ;o)


Bethany said...

How funny! Sounds like something I would have to do :)

Isn't it amazing the skills that we acquire as a mother. What other job is there that lets you be that creative on day in - day out situations!

Good work!

Stephanie said...

Yeah, imagine the resumes we could write!

Becky said...

Hey that is too funny I had to do the same thing with Garrett the other day...well the size 4 diaper anyway! ;) Looked pretty funny.