Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Corner lot

Look, my van is already in the garage...does that make it mine? ;o)

Ok, these are in reverse order because I haven't quite figured out my blog yet...heehee

This is the upstairs (3rd bedroom) girls room.

I love the look of pepto bismol everywhere! No...I really do!

This room wasn't finished when I took the pics - it was later turned into a toy room.

1st upstairs bedroom (Safari theme, LOVE it!)

2nd upstairs bedroom (YEEHAW)
Coming downstairs into the kitchen
Going upstairs (in case you couldn't figure that one out on your own)
Upstairs bathroom

Classy commode
Master bedroom (downstairs)

Master Bath

Formal dining room

Love these colors!
Laundry room

Living room fire place
Bar stools
Front walkway
More formal dining room
Kitchen Kitchen nook

Living room

The den wasn't done either when I took these pics, so I'll have to get more later - I'm dying to see the toy room! I told the designer that there needed to be some appeal to couples with young children (because the downstairs...NOT kid-friendly, I know!). So she decided to turn the upstairs room into a toy room instead of a library.

Seriously, my pictures DO NOT do this home justice! Everybody went gaga over the place.


Pinky said...

Wow! So many changes especially in the landscaping. I want an instant yard too :o) And a Gardner! This place is just so beautiful. So how successful was the open house?

Bethany said...

So a model home is the example that the sellers show the potential buyers, then they are built a new one of their own? Sorry, I've never bought a new home. Mine was built in 1894.

The house is gorgeous! Love the colors! And the landscaping is wonderful! Good job Chris!

Stephanie said...

Yes, the model is an example of things they can ask for when building their home. There are a few upgrades that he didn't put on this home (like the built-in vacuuming system), but customers will have a pamphlet to pick and choose what they want.

This house will now serve as the sales office - I'd like to work there! Just hang out with the kids all day in a nice house. haha

Stephanie said...

The open house was a great success. They held it during the day from 12-3ish (I think), and then did another one from 5-7pm for the local peoples (mostly neighbors) and there were more that showed up for that part. A lot of people came asking about paint colors and where they could get the furniture, flooring, etc.

Chris didn't get home until after 7:30pm...he had Sweet 'n Sour Chicken and Pork-fried rice waiting for him. Yum!

kg said...

Hello from Kim and Mark! Thanks for commenting on my blog. This house is beautiful, is this in Corvallis?

Stephanie said...

Hey Kim! Your blog is awesome! The housing development is in Philomath - Starlight Village. You take Pioneer Street west and it ends up at Starlight.

Becky said...

I'm ready to move in I'll have my bags packed tomorrow! ;) Beautiful job.