Friday, June 1, 2007

The Mom Song

This is too funny! I had to share!

Thank you Bethany, this is much better!


Bethany said...

That was dang funny :)

Bethany said...

Follow the link below.

Notice on the right side of the video, there are 3 boxes, TAGS, URL, and EMBED.

Copy the HTML from the EMBED box.

Go to New Post on your blog.

Notice that there's 2 tabs, one for edit HTML and one for compose. Click on Edit HTML, then paste the above HTML into the area. The compose tab will let you add text. That should be it :)

Stolmit said...

Hey, found your site. Funny video. I know a lot of mom's who visit my site regularly who'd really get a laugh out of it.

I'm also at it's a photo blog.