Friday, June 1, 2007

Water park fun

It was hot tonight (my van said 107 in the sun)! So I took the kids down to the water park in town. They had a blast! Avonleigh stayed by Payton and I most of the time.

Payton nice having a baby that loves her carseat and sleeps every time she's in it!


Bethany said...

That water park looks like a lot of fun. I love sprinklers! And 100 degrees. Wow! We haven't even been that hot yet this year! I"m sorry :)

Keep cool!

Stephanie said...

It was a lot of fun! We will definitely be going back. Yeah, I don't think it was really THAT hot (at least it didn't seem like it), so maybe it was just because the van was sitting in the sun? I don't know...I'm just glad for sunblock!

Pinky said...

That is the look of pure JOY on those kids faces! Peanut is just like her Mommy, you were a water baby too....if there was any water around you were in it! and Thanks for the Close-Ups! ;o)
Love da Grandma