Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Reception

My family

Cousins - Jacob, Christopher and Peanut

The Groom with his nieces and nephew

Christopher chatting it up with his Uncle TJ

The Zahlmann Clan - cool, huh?

Wedding cakes

Beautiful goodies

Molly and TJ

I love this picture! Laethym and Avonleigh gazing at picture of "Princess Molly" and Uncle TJ.

Sweet baby Payton smiling for Daddy.

TJ and Molly's Wedding

This was all the family at the Salt Lake Temle.

Sweet baby Payton

Avonleigh, Laethym and Christopher lookin' cute!

The big kids again

Our family

The happy couple coming out after their sealing. Aren't they ADORABLE?!

Utah trip

This was our tour of the Conference Center: Me (with Payton on my back), Jacob, Peanut, Christopher, Avonleigh, Kari and Allison.Jacob, Christopher, Laethym and Avonleigh
The kids and I at the Christus in the Tabernacle.
Avonleigh "reading" the caption under the Book of Mormon painting.