Saturday, September 29, 2007

Football is here

Here's Chrisser all suited up for his first football game. He is having so much fun!
This is a practice tackle before the game. Chrisser is the biggest kid on his team (big surprise, right?)!
Half-time! Chrisser drinking, my mom with Payton and Peanut on her lap. Avonleigh waiting patiently for her turn.
Getting up from a tackle. GO CHRISSER!!


Becky said...

This might come as a shock but we are so not old enough for you to have a baby playing football! Where has the time gone???

Stephanie said...

Becky - SO TRUE! But that's because we grew up in a town where you couldn't play football until you were in 7th grade. In Corvallis they start them at 5! Isn't that insane?! It really has been fun though! ;o)