Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Smart Little Guy

My Buddy is so smart! He cracks me up. I give you the following conversation we had today after he got home from school:

Christopher/Buddy: "Look Mom! Maddie gave me a stamp that she found at school today! It says 'Made in China' on it!"

Me: "Honey, if she found it, then it wasn't hers to give. You need to give it to your teacher tomorrow so she can find the true owner."

Christopher: "Actually, I think I'll give it to Sushma because she's from India and it's close to China."

Smart kid! hahahaha


Pinky said...

Now That's a Smart Guy! ;o) Who taught him so much about Geography?

Rebecca said...

That is priceless! Love it! Kids are so cute! He is a smart guy!