Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy Birthday to ME

On Monday night, Chris stopped and got a couple of pies and ice cream on his way home from work. He had invited his parents and Jess and Cooper over to celebrate with us. It was really nice! Dad, Cooper, Avonleigh and Jessica

My sweet man! Funny story - no I am NOT 34 OR 43! We didn't have any candles and as we were searching for some, I found a #3 and a #4, so Chris threw them on there - he's just a bundle of laughs.

Jessica, Mom and Christopher

Laethym in her ballet outfit - what a nut!

The pies: Pumpkin cheese pecan streussle and banana cream. Somebody had already dug into the banana cream...I can't image who that would be...

Thank you all for making it a special birthday this year! Love you!


Cami said...

Happy Birthday!!

emily a. said...

Happy be-lated birthday Stephanie! I hope you did have a great day. Those pies look yummy!