Thursday, November 29, 2007

Happy EARLY Birthday to Me

My birthday was on Monday, but we started the celebration early when my mom came up Sunday to cook my favorite meal: Sweet 'n Sour Chicken and Pork-fried Rice - YUM! She also made this amazing cake! How many moms still want to come and cook your favorite meal when you're pushing 30 years old? She's all mine - you can't have her! Mom, you're the BEST!

Disclaimer about the cake (because I promised mom): This is the BEST cake - the frosting is to DIE for! Anyway, the heat in her truck on the 2 hour drive over here melted the frosting into what you see here. She was so disappointed, but I didn't care - it still tasted the same!

Me with my cake! I know I look tired - I was! It had been a LONG Sunday - one where you show up and immediately want to go home! Just before I left for church, I had 3 teachers call in sick from primary. And by the time I got there, we had 3 more that were gone! We have 2 nurseries (and 5 leaders) and only 1 nursery leader was there. Also, a lady from Relief Society was going to help 2 of our teachers with sharing time (it was the teachers' week for sharing time) and she couldn't come either! So I did sharing time on the fly and my dear friend, Sarah came in to help with teaching the kids to tie quilts. ANYWAY, LONG SUNDAY!

Payton getting her first taste of cake and ice cream

The kids around the table - we had Coop join us for a little while!

Chooch thoroughly enjoying that cake!

My mom, finally enjoying the spoils of her labors


Rebecca said...

All that work at church and your birthday...and still have a smile at the end of the day! You are a trooper Steph! Happy Belated Birthday! Keep on smilin'!

Pinky said...

This was sooooooooo much FUN! Thank you for being your wonderful selves!
Love da mama

emily a. said...

Sunday's like that do drain the life out of you. You must be the Primary President! I'm a counselor and know how hard your calling is. My mom tells me what a wonderful job you do. Hang in there- it's worth it!