Sunday, November 4, 2007

I've Been TAGGED!

I can honestly say this is my very first tag! Thanks Sara


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Just the Facts, Mam...

1. I am not a patient person. This is one of my daily struggles. I try so often to think of how the Savior would handle the situation and then I do the best I can. I think, for me, it is so important to stay on top of my daily scripture study and personal prayer because it's easy to THINK what the Savior would do, but it's a completely different thing to KNOW what he would do. The only way I can KNOW Him is to recognize that my cup is empty and come to Him consistently to fill it.

2. I wet the bed until I was 12 years old...I hear it's hereditary...I pity my children. You know your mother loves you when she goes to great lengths to pin a sheet and a plastic garbage bag into your sleeping bag just so you can enjoy a semi-normal sleepover party.

3. I have numbers running through my head ALL the time. I have always hated math, but for some reason for as long as I can remember I have taken note of my surroundings and then constantly count things, items, people and do number games in my head (multiplication, division, fractions, etc). Yes, I'm weird.

4. I developed a mole/birthmark on the second toe of my right foot when I was in middle school. I noticed recently that it has disappeared. Also, since I'm talking feet, my second toe on both feet is longer than my big toe...there's a nice visual for you.

5. I LOVE music! I love to listen to it, see it being performed, feel it and especially sing it! I thought for many years in my younger life that I would make a career of it. I realize now, as I'm coming to the tail-end of my 20's, that the only "career" I want is that of a mother (and I'm so blessed to have it), and that music is in me, it is part of me and always will be. I enjoy sharing it with others when the occasion arises, but I no longer have the desire to perform for others. My favorite music is to hear my children sing - I LOVE that they love music too!

6. I was a Vet Med major at Oregon State University. When I got married I changed my major. We started our family right away and I never did finish college. I'm not sure it's really a regret, because I wouldn't change a thing we have done, but it kind of annoys me that I was so close (15 credits) and didn't finish. As it turns out, OSU has change it BS program so that you pretty much have to be there 5 years to graduate, so I'm not nearly as close as I once was...

7. I love blogging. I love reading others' blogs. I really love taking pictures! It really annoys me that I don't know how to use Photoshop to improve my pictures!

Ok, now that you probably know WAY more than you wanted to about me, I'm tagging:



emily a. said...

Thanks for the tag Stephanie! I loved reading your list- I'm really intriqued that #'s are always going through your head yet you don't like Math. I'll start my list tonight.

Bethany said...

Ha! I count things too. Like walking up or down stairs. Funny :)