Monday, November 12, 2007

Marching to the Beat of Her Own Drum

Avonleigh is our little fireball! Everything she does is done TO THE MAX! There is no halfway with this child. As long as we can keep her on the Straight and Narrow, get out of her way, 'cause she'll go right to the Celestial Kingdom!

All morning I kept asking "Avonleigh, are you dressed yet?" To which I was told, "Oh yeah, almost." Right. So I was busy doing other tasks and just verbally checked in with her every so often. When she FINALLY came down the hall, this is what she was wearing...notice she also dressed her bear AND packed a toy bag for the efficient.

She's wearing Laethym's shoes and they're on the wrong feet

"Mom, take a picture of my bear, she's cute too!"


Bethany said...

So funny!

Beth said...

Oh my goodness! That is SO FUNNY. I loooove her outfit and the bag she packed. What a character! :) SHE IS SO CUTE. I think you should keep her.