Wednesday, November 21, 2007

NFL Boys Weekend

I have been DYING to blog this special weekend in my boys' lives! It took a while to get the pictures off the phone (I'm kicking myself for not sending my camera with them).

So at the beginning of 2007, Chris noticed that the San Francisco 49ers would be playing the Seattle Seahawks (in Seattle) on Nov. 12, 2007. We bought 4 tickets for Chris and Christopher, Uncle Scott and Papa. It worked out well that Aunt JoAnn lives just outside Seattle, so they had a place to stay (THANK YOU AUNT JOANN!!).

Before the game the guys went to Pike's Place Market and walked around. Chrisser was running up to everybody and anybody wearing red and trying to give them high-fives or knocks as you said, "Go 9ers!" One guy he went up to said, "Yeah, give me 5 little man!" Christopher walked back over to Chris looking befuddled and asked, "Dad, how did he know MY name?!"

The game was set to start at 5pm and the guys got to the stadium at 3pm. Chris has been a 49ers fan his WHOLE life (and Christopher shares in that excitement), so he gave Chrisser his Steve Young jersey from back in the day!. Well that Little Man was the hit of the show! He got sooooo much attention that the 49ers Owner,John York, came over and started talking to them! He gave them an NFL pin and a SF 49ers pin and field passes to come down onto the field and watch warm-ups. He also told them they could come down during half-time for the show, and after the game to get autographs.

Field passes, Game book, pins and stickers

Chrisser in his gear!

A close-up, who could resist that sweet face?

Father and son

This is the quaterback, Alex Smith

Chris spent time hobnobbing with all the reporters and coaches...I think he had more fun than Christopher!

The best part for me, was watching on TV as the camera was on one of the commentators (Chris will die that I don't know which one...) you could see the guys in the background near the stands. And a REALLY good shot of Chris w/ Christopher on the sidelines while the camera was filming Alex Smith warming up! It was so exciting, the girls and I were dancing and yelling while we watched - THANK GOODNESS FOR TIVO!! The guys loved watching it when they got home.

Chris said Chrisser was running up and down the field (on the Seahawk side) with his arms in the air yelling, "Go 9ers!" And the people in the stands were booing him SOOOOOOO loud. Chris said some were yelling rude things to him ("You suck") but nothing fazed him, he was having a fabulous time!

From a 6 year olds perspective:

*Christopher leaned over to Papa on the 5 hour ride home and said, "This has been the best adventure of my whole life!"

*After the 49ers lost (they are NOT very good this year, sad, but true - we still love them!) Christopher was in the lobby getting ready to leave and this Seahawks fan (all decked out in gear) came up to him and gave him knocks and said, "Go 9ers." That brought tears to my eyes thinking of this nice gentleman consoling our son after the loss and Little Man said, "Yeah, he was a flopper!" Nice.

*Little Man was walking up the stairs to his seat and a Seahawk yelled, "Hey kid, you're wearing the wrong colors!" To which Christopher replied (in his biggest voice), "That's because I'm a 49ers fan!!!"

*Because this was on Veterans Day, the Military put on a show before the game and one of them saw Little Man running up and down the field and had him come over and march with them (he even put a helmet on him!) Then they all started taking pictures of him!

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