Friday, November 30, 2007

Ode to Aunt Molly - Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Molly! We love you!!
So when the kids first met Molly, the girls thought she was as pretty as a princess and Peanut started calling her "Princess Molly." She LOVED Princess Molly and had lots of fun watching football and hanging out with her. Once Molly and TJ got married, we said Peanut could call her "Aunt Molly" now, but she still likes "Princess" better - hence the sign!

At their rehearsal dinner

Just stepped out of the Salt Lake Temple...the picture of Eternity

The Zahlmann clan at Molly & TJ's reception

At Molly's bridal shower

I am so grateful that Molly is a part of our family. She has such a sweet and gentle spirit. She is kind and understanding and very accepting of others. She mirrors the Savior in these qualities so it's no wonder the kids just adore her! TJ - you got yourserlf a good one! We sure love you Molly!

We really miss you guys!

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