Friday, December 7, 2007

Family Fun Night

So Friday's are our family fun night (no tv - we usually play games, talk about family goals, etc). Since it just happened to coinside with Todd's birthday (the day we get our tree), we had a great family fun night! We went and picked out our tree, then cut it how I say we? I know, we all know Chris does all the work (LOVE YOU BABE!). Anyway, we brought our perfect tree home (and not without it blowing out of the truck onto the busy road - this too, has become a family tradition) and decorated it with most of the kids. Payton fell asleep on the way home and took a nice little 4 hour nap. I'll be up late tonight, so I figured I'd blog. :o)
Cutie patootie, Choochie

Laethym was overwhelmed with excitement!

Chris handing out ornaments

Finished product! We sat around the tree and had hot cocoa (with peppermint candy canes) and talked about what Santa was going to bring us for was a delightful evening.


emily a. said...

That does sound like a great evening. I like that friday tradition- great idea! I bet the kids love it. What else have you done on fridays?

Stephanie said...

Hey Em,
So for Family Fun Night we usually play games (Candyland is the current favorite). We have several other games coming for Christmas (Yea!). We talk about our week and how it went and how we can improve on the things that maybe didn't go so well (or we didn't react well to). We do service projects, take goodie plates to people, set family goals, whatever needs to be done!

I should say this is done in addition to (not in lieu of) Family Home Evening. I just realized it sounds a lot like FHE, but not as structured, no planned lesson, etc.

Pinky said...

Hey Great job on the tree kids! It looks Beautiful! ;o) Can't wait to be there!

Cami said...

We do somewhat of the same thing on fridays. What great times.

Lake Love said...

That sounds like so much fun! I am all about those family fun nights. The tree looks perfect!

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