Saturday, December 15, 2007


Today was my mom's birthday (don't worry I won't say how old)! She came up to visit with us for the day and we had a great time! I just adore my mom and I can't imagine life without her! She has been there for the birth of *almost all of our children and we wouldn't have it any other way. My mom has taught me so much throughout my life and I'm so grateful for her example. As a convert to The Church mom worked so hard to share the gospel with her girls. She has always taught us to be honest, thorough, kind, loving, hard-working and educated. I have such great memories of mom reading us to sleep ("'s Marvin...") and singing songs with us ("walk tall you're a daughter..."). My mom always has a smile on her face - even when her heart is breaking. It is so touching to see my children's eyes light up when they see their grandma! They run to her the way I imagine us running to the Savior to hug and kiss him when he comes again. I love you so much mom!!

P.s. When are you moving here?!!

At Avonleigh's birth

At Payton's birth

At Laethym's birth (she's the one with the camera)

4 generations of Lathams, November 2, 2003: Dad & Mom, Me (holding Laethym), Grandma Foot (holding Chirstopher), April.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Family Fun Night

So Friday's are our family fun night (no tv - we usually play games, talk about family goals, etc). Since it just happened to coinside with Todd's birthday (the day we get our tree), we had a great family fun night! We went and picked out our tree, then cut it how I say we? I know, we all know Chris does all the work (LOVE YOU BABE!). Anyway, we brought our perfect tree home (and not without it blowing out of the truck onto the busy road - this too, has become a family tradition) and decorated it with most of the kids. Payton fell asleep on the way home and took a nice little 4 hour nap. I'll be up late tonight, so I figured I'd blog. :o)
Cutie patootie, Choochie

Laethym was overwhelmed with excitement!

Chris handing out ornaments

Finished product! We sat around the tree and had hot cocoa (with peppermint candy canes) and talked about what Santa was going to bring us for was a delightful evening.

Ode to Todd Zahlmann - Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday, Todd! I think we look forward to your birthday more than you do! Since it was a long-standing tradition in Chris' family that they got the Christmas Tree on Todd's birthday, we have adopted the tradition in our own family. It is a lot of fun to traipse through the woods looking for the perfect tree while thinking about Uncle Todd!

Are these two photogenic or what?!

Between his 2 older brothers at TJ's wedding

Our "perfect" tree

There are so many things we love about Uncle Todd! He is kind, generous, funny, hard-working, loves his family and he is a worthy Priesthood holder! We loved seeing you in August!

Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ode to Parker Farnsworth - Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Parker B - 6 years old! We love you and miss you!
Sorry I don't have a closer picture of you, but I LOVE this family shot! Parker we are grateful for your sense of humor! Christopher really misses seeing you at family dinner on Sundays! Hope you have a wonderful birthday! Lots of Love!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Grinch Names

I saw this on Bethany's site and just had to give it a go!

Stephanie: Testytroll Rottenfoot
Chris: Grimgrinch Rottenfoot
Christopher: Meanmonkey Rottenfoot
Laethym: Miserlygrouch Rottenfoot
Avonleigh: Bleakfrown Rottenfoot
Payton: Wretchedbeast Rottenfoot
Harley: Scroogeygrump Rottenfoot
Big Cat: Drearycrab Rottenfoot
Solomon: Frownycrab Rottenfoot

Nana Zahlmann: Frownygrinch Rottenfoot
Papa Zahlmann: Woefulfrown Rottenfoot
Grandma Latham: Bleakwhiner Heartlessnoodle (SOOO FUNNY!)
Grandpa Latham: Moodygloom Heartlessnoodle (YEP, STILL FUNNY!)

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Laughing Out Loud

Christopher was playing with my Crocs and tossed one at Payton - she cracked up! It was so much fun to see her laughing so hard! I got nearly 2 minutes of this - sorry the quality is so poor! I had to do it with my digital camera instead of the video camera!