Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sickies and a Surprise

These scrumptious treats were brought to us curtesay of one Ann Sherry. She's amazing! Our family has been sick - really sick, long and nasty don't even call or you may contract it through the phone, sick. Chris was the last one to get "it" and is just finally feeling better today. So, most of the family have missed 3 weeks of church (2 for me) and some have taken us for dead.
Anyway, I was so surprised to open the door this evening to find Sweet Ann bearing gifts! She is our Relief Society Presdient and embodies all that is kind, compassionate, loving, thoughtful, gentle, faithful, meek and humble. I'm so grateful for her thoughtfulness - and the goodies were FANTASTIC!
We love you, Ann!


emily a. said...

Boy do I miss my mom's bread!! Sorry to hear you have all been so sick. I hope everyone is one the way to be healthy.

Cami said...

Looks so yummy! Hope you all are feeling better.

Rebecca said...

I agree! Ann is a pretty amazing woman!!