Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Belated Birthday, Haircuts and a Visit from Grandma!

I know my pictures are all in reverse order, but I can never remember to post them backwards when I have so many to use! Bare with me...
We had a great day yesterday! My mom (who NEVER gets weekdays off) took Tuesday off to come and spend it with us! We were all so excited to see grandma and had such a fabulous day with her! Here are our pictures of the day - WE LOVE YOU, GRANDMA!!!

LOVE this picture! Grandma and all the kids (there wasn't a single pic with Christopher's eyes open).

Avonleigh before

During her haircut - she LOVED this. She felt like such a little princess - as well she should.

Bye-bye to baby hair...this was her very first haircut!

Avonleigh and her stylist, Jennifer.

Laethym and Avonleigh after

Laethym before

Grandma and Laethym

Her long, beautiful hair on the floor

Laethym and her stylist, Angela.

Chooch and one of her birthday presents from grandma and grandpa (Thomas the Tank Engine "laptop").

Grandma and Payton. She just loved having grandma here, she was shy at all. She just snuggled in and didn't want to let go! Look at their mouths - Payton TOTALLY has my mom's mouth! Lucky kid!

Chooch playing with her new baby doll and bottles.

Grandma and Payton - I love this one, she looks so big to me.

This is so great! Avonleigh took this one!


Bethany said...

What a fun visit! I always love it when my mom comes to play, but it's not quite as frequent as your mom does :(

Pinky said...

Oh My Goodness What a great day that was and I LOVE YOU TOO! This day was made possible because of my WONDERFUL daughter who put aside her BUSY life for a day so we could be together AND because my Wonderful Grandchildren chose to stay home from their much loved school day to visit with me. I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! P.S. My mouth looks much cuter on Payton!

Rebecca said...

Your Children are so cute! Isn't so fun to have grandma around. I love having my mom near-by now. Your brave having two girls hair cut short. Most moms can't even do one with out a break down. I love their haircuts, but their faces really are what make the hair!

Beth said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE pictures. I LOVE the haircuts - your girls are just so stinkin' cute it doesn't matter how their hair is. And, I love your mom and from the looks of it, she loves being a grandma :)

And, I finally posted... not prego just SICK SICK SICK. Thanks for missing me ;)

H-less E-less said...

Oh my gorgeousness! All the girls in the pics. Your little gals hair, so cute, do they just look so much older or what. Were you sad at all about cutting that baby hair? I think I'd love it, but feel a little sad.

I love you Mom. I really just look at these pictures and feel like I miss her. I bet she is the best grandma. Thanks for sharing the pictures. I love that they're not in the order of the words, I would've never thought of it had you not mentioned it.
Love you!

Becky said...

I'm with Beth I love your Mom! Looks like everyone had a blast. The song is definately true...It's fun for EVERYONE when Grandma comes!

I'm jealous of all that hair! Amarisa is getting there but Garrett well, he's got a ways to go.

emily a. said...

Love the haircuts- it suits the girls. I bet it's a lot easier for you too.