Monday, February 4, 2008

Pressing Forward

As I watched the church news release this morning I eagerly anticipated learning who our new first presidency would be. As many people knew, President Thomas S. Monson has been called and set apart as the 16th President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Personally I take great comfort in knowing how closely he and President Hinckley worked together for so many decades. I have watched President Monson for as long as I can remember and particularly remember my mother talking about how much she loved hearing him speak. I know that his life has been dedicated to the work of the Lord and he has been molded and prepared for this calling in this day and age. He is truly the mouthpiece for the Lord - HIS Prophet on this earth. I know that he is following faithfully in the footsteps of the past 15 Presidents and I have no doubt that he receives council from them as well as our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Henry B. Eyring. What can I say? I have such love and respect for this man! I am particularly partial to him as he was the apostle who came to call and set apart our new Stake Presidency in 2004. It was so incredible to sit in the audience and just feel his spirit exude throughout the room. I have loved his talks for many years and often find that when I am struggling with something, while searching for talks, it is his that usually contain the wisdom I am seeking. I am so thankful that he will continue to be in the First Presidency.

Dieter F. Uchtdorf, I love him! I love his accent! I have to say, I did not at all expect to see him in the First Presidency this soon. I see this as a wonderful step, globally for the church. I think he will bring a fantastic spirit to the presidency and will be a great asset in instructing on the church in different nations. I look forward to hearing more from him.

I know that the Lord has called each of these men to serve the members of this church. I know that each holds specific Priesthood keys so that this gospel can move forward on the earth. I give them my full support and love.
As I glance backward, I will miss President Hinckley forever and be forever grateful to our loving Father in Heaven for the gift that was his life. But as I look heavenward, I know that the programs that he started will continue to be carried out under President Monson's direction with the blessing of the Lord. As I strive to reach outward I feel the spirit of the Lord in those whom I serve and receive service from. And I take great comfort in knowing that this gospel will forever press forward!


Bethany said...

Very nicely said, Stephanie! I, too, love President Monson. He's such a great man, and will make a wonderful prophet :)

H-less E-less said...

I Love you Steph. I was so moved by you sharing your personal feelings, especially that you said you take comfort in knowing how closely he has worked with President Monson. I think it is a little difficult to compare right now, since we have seen Pres. Hinckley for so long in that calling. I too am confident in the Lord and his calling and making of a Prophet. I appreciate what you shared. Your tender testimony.

Rebecca said...

What a beautiful tribute and testimony to our new presidency. I too share your feelings about these men and know they are called of God. What blessing to know that the work carries on and the Lords work is truly one eternal round.

Pinky said...

Beautifully said my girl! *Hug*