Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The BEST Job on Earth!

So the girls and I were in the kitchen rolling out dough (post to come) to make rolls for dinner and all of the sudden I heard this WHOOSH sound. I washed my hands and went around the corner to find this:
Keep in mind, I had just mopped the day before, naturally.

How CUTE is she?! I seriously could do nothing but laugh - and then I grabbed the camera!

And then my sweet Avonleigh went and got the broom and dust pan - what a helper!

A CUTE helper, that is! She got all of the big stuff up by herself and then I finished up on the crumbs. Oh, Harley helped too...
I had a good time laughing over this and the girls had a good time too (as well as the dog)! After we cleaned up, we went back into the kitchen to finish our yummy rolls.

It got me to thinking about the simply amazing life I lead. I get to watch these phenomenal little people grow and learn (despite my meager attempts to teach them). I get to stay home and worry about the "little" things, like making sure the floors are clean and whether or not the kids had a balanced meal for lunch. I love running them around to their various events and having them participate with me in my events (i.e. visiting teaching, presidency meetings, meals for the sick, etc). I love that I have a supportive husband who wants me to be home and who works very hard to afford me this privilege!
In short, I LOVE MY LIFE!
Here's to many more gravity-defying cereal boxes. I welcome them.


Pinky said...

GOOD MOMMA! ;o) I just LOVE This! That smile on her face just says it ALL. This is one of those special moments shared between Mom and child that is precious beyond words. I Love that it brings you such JOY! as it did to me!

Cami said...

It's so hard to get to frustrated when they looks so cute.

Rebecca said...

What a fun moment! Way to make the best of it. It depends on the day and the moment for me. I am striving though. Wow I just can't get over how absolutely adorable your kids are! Keep the good work Mom!

Betts Family said...

What adorable pictures!!

emily a. said...

It's nice to read bits like this that celebrate the importance of being a stay at home mom.