Saturday, March 15, 2008


Today is my dad's birthday! The kids and I took a whirlwind, surprise trip to the coast to visit he and mom. It was a lot of fun and we decided we need to make the time to do it more often!
I love my dad! So many of the things that I feel very strongly about, I learned from him. I have always noticed and appreciated his honesty, integrity, work ethic and soft heart (even when he didn't want to let it show!). Dad I love you for so many reasons, not the least of which is how much you love my children and want so badly to set a good example for them. I cherish the time they get to spend with you. You can not imagine how I look forward to the day that I can be sealed to you and mom - forever.
Grandpa - King for a day!

Grandma with Princess Payton

Grandpa keeping score as we all played "10,000"

Grandma with her girls

Grandma rocking the girls while watching Christopher play Wii

Thank you guys, sorry we crashed your weekend, but we had a GREAT time!!


Pinky said...

No! THANK YOU! your Dad could not have had a better birthday had we planned it! It was sooo much fun! Your visit was appreciated and dear to us both :o) Thank You, Thank you!

Rebecca said...

You have such a fun family! I love seeing how close you are with them! Love the new pic of you! You are beautiful! You radiate beauty from the inside out! I Love you Stephanie!