Thursday, March 20, 2008


I CAN NOT believe it's been a year since sweet Payton Jean entered our family - as reluctant as she was to do so. She seems to have blossomed in personality over night and we are so thoroughly enjoying this new little person all over again.
Payton was 3 days overdue and I had been having contractions all night, every night for the 3 nights previous. I was EXHAUSTED and so done being pregnant! I called my dear doctor at home on Sunday night (the joys of having an doctor in your ward!) and told him what was happening, so he scheduled an induction for Monday afternoon.
My sweet mother-in-law came over to stay with the kids and my wonderful mom came up to hang out at the hospital with us! When we got there, it was all the usual: get checked in, settle in (one of the nurses recognized us from 6 years previous with the prolapsed cord - see Feb 24th post), sit and wait.
So my wonderful doctor, whom I had throughout my pregnancy came in with some "bad news." Because I was a "v-bac" patient, his insurance wouldn't cover him to deliver me. We had to decide whether to go home (I was seriously NOT leaving the hospital) or have the on-call doctor do the induction. She was very nice, and I'd met her before (during previous pregnancies and when she delivered my nephew). She didn't seem too thrilled with the idea of me staying, but I told her I could not take another night (or more) of constant contractions that didn't go anywhere.
S0, we had arrived at noon, and by the time all the decisions were made, they finally came in to put my IV in at 4pm. We were in for a LONG night. Because of my previous cord prolapse, she would not break the bag of waters, so they started the pitocin and we waited. And waited. And waited. I had so many weird misc. things happen - they had a really hard time keeping Payton's heart beat on the monitor, so I had to lay in all these funny positions - nothing really helped. I asked for an epidural when the contractions were getting semi-painful. I didn't want to have happen what happened with Avonleigh - it took more than an hour (and MANY tries) to get it in, then it didn't work, then when it FINALLY worked, I was ready to push.
Well, apparently I have bad luck with epidurals. The woman who came in tried several times in various places along the column and couldn't get it in. She finally called in her superior (when she thought it 'might' be in) and he said, "No, pull it out." So then he tried - first time, worked like a charm. Then it took a while for it to 'kick in.' The doctor would check me every several hours. I seemed to dilate super slowly (because she was still so high there was no pressure on the cervix). It gets kinda blurry for me as the night wore on and the wee small hours of the morning came. At one point a got super nauseous and thought I was going to throw up (this had never happened to me during labor before). They gave me a shot of something to stop the nausea and it knocked me out almost instantly. That was weird.
So, since my memory doesn't serve as well as it did with Christopher's birth (go figure), I'll give the shorter version.
My dearest girlfriend Sarah spent most of the evening with Chris, my mom and I. Then Chris left to come home and get a few hours of sleep (and he missed the kids) - it was around 1am or so. Sarah finally decided to go and get some sleep around 4 or 5am.
I came our of my stooper of exhaustion just before 6am. I was feeling something "really weird" was all I said. A nurse came in and lifted up the blanket to find a water bag bulging out of me! My mom quickly called Chris and Sarah to get back to the hospital! They showed up just as Dr. Curtis popped the bag. Sarah grabbed the video camera (yes, I said VIDEO CAMERA!) and I think it took about 5 or 6 pushes (more than her sisters who practically flew out). She was slightly stuck, but the doctor worked her magic to get the shoulders out and she finally came with a goosh! I'M DONE! I was so glad to have her on the outside!!
My previous babies weighed: 7lb 11oz; 7lb 13oz; 7lb 3oz
Payton weight in at 9lb 4oz and 21" - no wonder I had to push!
We had a good hospital stay and I was home the next day. There were a plethora of complications that arose after her birth, but I won't get into that. Suffice it to say, a year later, I'm still glad NOT to pregnant. We'll see if we have any more!
On a side note - I am SOOOOO glad that Sarah was there to video this birth. It is so amazing to me to finally get to see me bring my child into this world. I never would have thought I would tape one of my births (it took 4 to finally get there), but I'm so glad that we did! Thank you, Sarah! You'll forever be a part of our family.
To my sweet, funny, beautiful Payton-Jean-ameenie-wah-peenie (say it fast, it's fun! Even more endearing is the fact that her brother came up with it), I love you more than words can express! I love how you watch your brother and sisters and already want to do everything they do! I love your sweet little smile and the way you say your 2 favorite words "Dada" and "Uh-oh!" You are so precious and truly complete our family. We love you!!!

She's here - doesn't her daddy look happy?!
Read 'em and weap - 9LBS 4OZ

Ready to eat right away!
Sweet baby in her swing

At 2 months

Her blessing day (4 months old) - the same day as Aunt Kym and Uncle Alan's wedding!
And then at 5 months at Uncle TJ and Aunt Molly's wedding.

Happy Halloween little Punkin'! (7 months)
Christmas morning (9 months).

Who could resist this angel?
Payton at 11 months

"Hey, where'd my banana go??"
Beautiful girl

"Hey, you lookin' at me?"

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Rebecca said...

Wow I love to read your entries about your births. Your children are so beautiful. You are such a sweet mom. No wonder your children are so great! Children truly are the sweetest blessings we could receive from the Lord.