Friday, March 14, 2008


For Laethym's dinner night, she chose to make vegetable soup with rolls. Unfortunately, the girls where a huge help with rolling out dough and rolling them into crescents but I didn't get any pictures of them actually DOING it!

Peanut's Garden Vegetable Soup - so good!

Our crescents rising




Payton loves them too, but I didn't get a good shot of her!


Pinky said...

MMMMMMMmmmmmmm! That looks yummy Peanut! You can cook for me ANY time!

Rebecca said...

You are on a roll Stephanie!

Rebecca said...

ha ha I didn't realize I was writing a pun till now! Yeah 1 point for me!

Cami said...

Love to get the kids involved in the cooking.

The Oregon Dye Clan said...

What a great idea, Stephanie! I'm glad it's working so well for you! It's amazing how much your little kiddlings are growing up! I'm mean really, Peanut cooking dinner... just yesterday she was strapped on your back!