Wednesday, April 16, 2008

1 Year Ago

My blog is officially 1 year old! I know most people celebrate their 100th post, but I missed that about 20 posts ago, so I thought I would celebrate the 1 year mark! I'm so grateful to those early friends who inspired me to enter the world of blogging (with must trepidation). The first blog I'd ever seen was Emily A's followed shortly by Bethany's and then Beth's. Emily, you're mom sent me an email about a primary activity you had done in your ward that you posted on your blog. It was very cute and I was just amazed at your blog and how your family was able to keep in contact that way. And then Bethany, you were such a huge help to me! Teaching me how to set everything up and how to change my header, etc. Thank you! And finally Beth, I had such a good time reading your blog and catching up on the Warner family's life!
It was all down here from there! I'm so grateful for the opportunity to get back in touch with friends from childhood, church, college days, etc.! And I LOVE this as a way to keep in touch with family all over the country - I love you all!!


Betts Family said...

"You're gonna miss this..."
I LOVE that song. :D Sweet lyrics.

emily a. said...

I had no idea but am glad to have influenced you to blog. It really is a great thing and I'm so glad because I've loved getting to know you through blogging!