Tuesday, April 15, 2008


My sweet, sweet Peanut! What would life be like without her? For starters, everyone in the family might spontaneously forget their appropriate role in the family; her sisters would not be as prissy (and sassy) as they already are; her dad would not 'feel the love' of having 2 mothers; her mom wouldn't have a parrot to repeat word-for-word what she had just asked everyone to do (and in the exact tone, mind you); we wouldn't have a mini-chef, a happy helper and a sweetheart to sing to us -


Here is a little review of Laethym's first 5 years:

Bright-eyed and ready to face the world! Laethym Marie was named after my maiden name, Latham, and my middle name.

How CUTE is this? Seriously! She was 2 months - really!

Getting bigger...
Little cheese ball!

Cutie pie potty-trained herself at 18 months. I like this picture because it shows her smile minus her eye teeth (which she didn't get until she was well over 2 years old). Think: reverse vampire!
Candid close-up

With Christopher and baby Avonleigh

With her family at the Zahlmann Family Thanksgiving in 2006

With cousin Jacob and brother, Christopher at Molly and TJ's wedding

My big 5 year old - beautiful, optimistic, sweet, funny...and all ours!
Her siblings made the cake all by themselves.

We love you, Peanut!!!


Betts Family said...

Happy Birthday, cutie pie!!!

The Oregon Dye Clan said...

I remember when I first moved into the ward, and there was little peanut about 6 months old, I think. She was the most adorable little girl with the cutest pigtails! Yes, and pigtails at 6 months! And I remember her at playgroup always wanting to take her shoes off. Has that changed at all Stephanie? :-) And no matter what, you'd just have to coo at her, and she'd give you the brightest smile! You've grown up so fast, Peanut! We love you very much, and hope you had a wonderful day!

Pinky said...

Oh P-Nutty! You are Grandma's precious girl! I love our snuggles and soft tickles! ;0) I love what a helper you are. And you are soooo smart and FUNNY! I love that you work so hard and play just as hard! I'm looking forward to the Caring, Beautiful, Bright young woman you will become... because you are already our Caring, Bright and Beautiful young lady now!
I Love you!

Pinky said...

Mmmmmmmmm I want that cake!