Sunday, April 27, 2008



H-less E-less said...

My Grandmother died from pancreatic cancer while I was on my mission. Thanks for this.

Stephanie said...

Sara! Is this Grandma Bev? I kept looking at your wonderful surprise vacation photos looking for Grandma Bev. I only had the opportunity to meet her that one time, but she made a deep impression on me. What a wonderful woman.
I'm sorry that it happened while you were on your mission. I'm sure she received many blessings during that time because of your faithful service.
Love you!

H-less E-less said...

Oh' it just thrills me that you remember her! You are so sweet. Yes, Grandma Bev. It was quite an amazing experience for me though on my mission. Let's just say Father in Heaven sometimes lets us glimpse that other side. It probably would've been harder for me had I been home. Instead it was an amazing experience.

I just can't get over that you remember her. You are just so dear and tender. Thanks for that.