Sunday, April 20, 2008

SO Done Being SICK!!

WHAT A DAY! That's about the best thing I can say! I woke up (to beautiful snow) and got ready to attend Ward Council this morning. I got to the church and settled in for a good meeting (I do enjoy Ward Council). Shortly after the meeting started, my right ear started throbbing. By the time our meeting ended, an hour and a half later, I was starting to get dizzy. I had a meeting with the Bishop right after, so I went to that (thank goodness it was brief). By the time I left the building, it was rather excruciating.
I got home, and Chris wanted me to go to the doctor. So, I went to the clinic and the doctor looked at my ear, and said I had a middle ear infection. As he was writing me a prescription, I started to feel a painful tickling (can you say oxymoron) in my ear and asked him if there was fluid in my ear. He said he didn't see any, but because of what I described, he wanted to look again. He did, and could see some liquid, but because of the swelling, he couldn't actually see the top of my ear drum, but was fairly certain I had ruptured it. OUCH.
So he wrote me a prescription for a pain-killer, as well as a decongestant and an antibiotic.
I spent the next 45 minutes getting my prescriptions filled at the pharmacy.
By the time I got home (in SEVERE pain), Chris had me lay down and rest - You're a good man, Charlie Brown!
I was so sad to miss church (we missed it last week while we all had the flu)!
It was kind of weird, Avonleigh was having a lot of accidents today (I was pretty loopy, but kept having to get up to help her change her clothes). Finally tonight, I asked her if it hurt when she went potty. She answered that it did and I immediately thought, "Urinary tract infection!"
Sure enough, she had blood in her urine - poor baby! So, guess who else ended up on antibiotics? ALL IN THE SAME DAY! I'm tellin' ya, this has been THE WORST year for our family in the sickness department! I AM SOOOOOOOO DONE!


Betts Family said...

Amen to all that!!! No more illness.

I'm so sorry about you ear. That is so painful. I've never ruptured an eardrum but I've heard it's excrutiating!


Pinky said...

I am sooooooo sad that you have all been soooooooo sick... at the end of this you are all going to be sooooo immune to EVERYTHING! and you'll get to enjoy Good health again! My heart aches for you! I'm wrapping you in a great big hug! Love YOU!

Rebecca said...

Man! you guys deserve a break! You are a trooper Stephanie! Wow I think I felt my own ear throbing as you told your story! Hope all is a little better today!