Saturday, July 5, 2008

Random June Events

Here are several of the June happenings. We had a wonderful visit from Uncle TJ and Aunt Molly and they also brought along Cousin Tricia! Unfortunately it was Christopher's last week of school and he ended up getting sick (high fever, aches, nausea), followed shortly by Avonleigh and Laethym. Our well planned week of activities with Tricia was thwarted, but everyone was well enough to enjoy her last day.

An afternoon at the downtown water fountain

Payton LOVED the water (when it was small)

Avonleigh and Payton. It was cute, they pretty much hung out together, while the older girls stuck together. Christopher was golfing with Daddy and Uncle TJ.
Note: This is the ONLY picture I got of Avonleigh looking at me, EVERY other picture is with her head down!

Laethym and Tricia sitting on the water outlets

Tricia helping with Payton (she was SUCH a help, we loved every minute of her visit!)


A trip to the super-fun Toy Factory!

Payton spent her time trying to shove every rock she could into her mouth!

Fuzzy-headed boy and the girls in "Groovy Girl Heaven"


Avonleigh and her bag of rocks

Laethym, Tricia and Avonleigh picking out their toy


Alice Rampton and I threw a surprise Baby Shower for my sister-in-law, Molly!
This was the carriage cake I made. I was so crazy that I forgot to bring my camera to the shower, so good thing I took a picture before hand. I'll have to get some pics of Molly and the guests from Alice.


Last day of preschool
Avonleigh and Laethym with Mrs. Cochran - they LOVED her!

Leathym receiving her memory book

Avonleigh receiving her memory book

The preschool kids singing "Willy the Worm"

Tricia, Laethym, Rachel Bartholomeusz and Avonleigh



Alicen Bartholomeusz, Ann Sherry and I threw a surprise Baby Shower for Sarah (3 boys and her first girl!)!
(back to front, left to right) Sarah Dye, Me, Alicen B, Jessica Zahlmann, Ruth Heninger, Nikki King with Natalie

Ann S, Cherie Martin, Jessica, Katie Carleski, Alicen in the back with baby Ellie

Averil Seely, Sandy Lewis, April Merten and Charitie Romrell

Joleane Sharp, Alicen, Averil, Sandy

Sarah (baby Ellie is under the pile of blanket!) and Ruth

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