Friday, September 19, 2008

The Cook is FIRED!

This is what happens when the cook (aka Mom) is not paying attention because she's hurrying to get dinner on the table. I was informed that I'm fired (much like the tortillas).

I turned on the front burner (instead of the back that had my pan on it), and had absentmindedly put my package of tortillas on it.

Yummy - gotta love the smell of burning plastic

Nice burner marks on the tortillas

Viola! Egg burritos! It doesn't look terribly appetizing, but don't judge to quickly. There is sliced cheese on the bottom (I like the processed stuff - it melts better - health schmealth), scrambled eggs and red and green taco sauce. We grew up on these as kids. Incidentally, if you never had these growing up - you were deprived. ;o)

PS - this is her "my tortilla is too crispy face!"


Sarah Z said...

I understand...Just blame it on the "placenta brain"! I'm so glad you're back into blogging's fun to get updates direct from the source!

Pinky said...

YEA! New Pictures! ;o) I Love new pictures! But I don't know WHEN you find the time! How Payton has changed in just 2 weeks!
Fired? For that little infraction? They're not going to let you off the hook that easy! Besides they look Yummy!