Friday, September 19, 2008

Enjoying the Lord's Bounty

My Mother-in-law made the comment about enjoying the Lord's bounty as we were in the midst of canning like 100 quarts of applesauce, apple pie filling and relish! It was wonderful!
We've also been up to our eyeballs in tomatoes! This is only a small sampling of my boxes and buckets as I emptied them (they are full again now and waiting to be canned).
"Thank you, Lord, for this bounty!"
One of many bowls filled with yellow pear tomatoes

A few of my tomato jars - and more buckets to be emptied!

Finally getting down to the bottom...oh wait, there's 20 tomato bushes outside waiting to be picked.

This box was full...did I say "was?" IS, this box IS full. now.

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Pinky said...

Oh My Goodness! Look at all your hard work! Feels good to see all those jars on your pantry shelves doesn't it! You are fabulous.... Have I told you that lately? LOVE YOU! Da Momma