Monday, September 29, 2008

An Evening with the Charming "Mr. O"

Sunday evening we went to Chris' parent's house (like usual) for dinner. This week his brother's wife "M" was visiting from Utah with their new baby boy "O." I had to snap some pics of the kids with their newest cousin.

What a doll! He is such a good-natured baby (he must have calm, happy parents)! I was so blessed to sit and hold him for a little while. It makes me feel so close to Heaven being around a newborn. "Mr. O" made me so excited for our newest little one to arrive!


Sarah Z said...

WOW! I see molly in him more than ever in those pics you took, don't you think?! Isn't he a sweetie? I get excited about our new one too when I hold him, and Todd is a baby hog when it comes to him. We're excited for a boy, but not quite sure what to do with one!

Pinky said...

What a cutie! He is just a handsome little guy! :o)..... Hi to M & TJ and O! I bet you can't wait! Me too but I bet it's harder for the kids.... Love YOU