Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oregon Coast Aquarium and a Visit from Grandma

We seriously had THE BEST week when Grandma came to stay! It was just a week before school started, so it was the kids' "last hoo-rah," and the week that I FINALLY started feeling better (sidenote: poor kids had a pretty rotten summer with a mother who didn't feel well and had barely enough energy to feed the kids and occasionally pick up the house - nice run-on!).
Outside the Oregon Coast Aquarium

Watching the Sea Lions feeding

How cool is this?! The divers were cleaning the glass of the sharks' walk through tunnel!


Grandma educating the kiddos

Cool octopus and big starfish (ok, "sea star" - whatever, they were starfish when I was growing up - but then, Pluto was a planet too!)

Smiley baby
Fun at the touch and learn tidal pool

This was fun - I only wish you could see Choochie's face behind the green rock thingy (Buddy's holding her)

Love this guy!

"I think I can, I think I can!" He did eventually touch the stingray (they were "de-stinged" - nice bloggin word, huh?)

By the Giant Spider Crabs

All finished! Time for ice cream!!


Jessica said...

Fun times!! Good to see you are putting the double stroller to use!

Pinky said...

This was such an amazing day! The Aquarium is sooooo much more enjoyable when you get to see it through the eyes of your Grand children! I have never had so much fun! Thank you for indulging me all week long it was just the best week! Love you Guys!