Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Tuesday Afternoon Reading

This was glorious. Mr. Zahlmann (say it with authority) ;o)
asked the kids to read to him.
When I peaked around the kitchen corner, this is what I found:
I love this picture because:
a) It's a candid shot and no one noticed me except Chooch
b) My awesome (and ever-growing) laundry pile
c) Mr. Zahlmann is asleep on the couch
d) All of the above

I love Choochie looking at Peanut. I can just hear her saying, "You're my hero."

Little clones

Dinner is cooking, we have a table (and buckets and boxes and...) FULL of tomatoes

What did you do with your tuesday afternoon?


Sarah Z said...

How funny! EACH of them ARE reading to him. Poor, tired daddy!

The Boys Club plus a girl! said...

Love the pictures!!! And the fact that Chris is snoozing is the icing on the cake! Gotta love it! Tell them to keep up the great work!

Patti said...

SO cute. Your little ones are just darling and I can tell you are having such fun as a mom.