Friday, September 26, 2008

"What a Week I'm Having"

The title quote is one my family quoted often while I was growing up. Do you know what movie it's from? (no one from my family may answer)
These are some of the various activities that went on in the Zahlmann Household this week:
Payton has given up on clothing (and so has her mother)...

...and ran around like this most of the week

I canned these

I killed this

I ate this. for lunch. every. day. (on a huge bean and tomato kick)

More of Payton's cute bum (no, the diaper was not full, she just sticks her hand down there and pulls the diaper down - you can imagine how fun that is when the diaper IS full)

Snuggles from Daddy

Avonleigh ate pizza for 3 meals (in a row)

Peanut got "the bug"

Avonleigh feeling better from "the bug" and ready to say family prayer.
That pretty much sums up the last few days.
Well, except that Buddy caught "the bug" this morning (no pics yet).
This weeks stats:
Meals made, then wasted: 8
Butt cream applied (diarrhea): 5
Noses wipes: 78324500000
Sheets changed: 4
Days in jammies (or nothing at all): 3
Doses of Tylenol: 36800085657
Children on antibiotics: 1


Pinky said...

Oh, Oh! I know, I Know! :o) But I won't tell!
Poor Littles, I'm so sorry they have been sick! Don't get it Mom and Dad! Payton looks adorable in applesauce. Wow Steph, You have had a FULL FULL week. It's time for a rest. That's why the farmers always looked forward to winter.... when all the canning was DONE! You have done a fabulous job!

Patti said...

What a week! I loved your count on doses of Tylenol. I know it feels like that sometime! Hang in there - they grow up and leave and you'll be SAD!

April Latham said...

"We're not really twins". hahaha No fair, I want to guess. *wink*