Friday, October 3, 2008

Painting, Politics and Punting...OH MY!

It was a craft day.

We really needed to beef up on our Halloween decorations and the kids had a blast doing so!
This was the evening project after dinner

The girls got a head start and worked on theirs most of the afternoon before Chrisser got home from school (yes, they stripped down to their undies).

Matching pumpkin noses!

Payton getting in on the action (and giving the kitchen table a makeover in the process)

A small sampling of some of their work: ghosts and pumpkins

Chrisser painting another ghost

This is what I was trying to listen to...

This is what we watched after the kids went to bed.

Oregon State vs Utah Utes (15th ranked)

we had 'em most of the game...

And then this.

It was a sad day in Beaver Nation :o(


Pinky said...

Hi There :o) How cute are those Halloween Jars. What a great idea. It looks like they were having a blast! Good Job Kiddos!!

Thank heaven for little girls said...

It's always a bad day when OSU Loses. Last week was much better. Sure miss Corvallis.

Robyn said...

Fun idea! We're totally gonna copy you. . .