Thursday, October 2, 2008

Pretty as a Princess

On Wednesday night we had a fun movie night (at home) and I did the girls' hair.
Avonleigh wanted a "princess crown" around her head. This is something my mom used to do on my hair. I've never done it on Avonleigh (super fine hair!), but it sure looked beautiful (for the whole 2.5 minutes that it stayed in).

And then she got out my blush and started applying liberally ;o)

I love this shot!

And Peanut wanted two French braids - so elegant!


Jessica said...

So cute. I can't believe how old they all are looking. It feels like we've been gone forever!

We are having a small get together tomorrow (Saturday) for Coop so feel free to call then. Miss you guys!

Kate the Great said...

Okay, you HAVE to show me how you did that hair.... I say her hair when I wen to pick the boys up from school today, and it was awesome.... So as my VTing you can now think of it as your calling to teach me. ;) kidding.

But if you'd show me, I'd love to learn. I am always looking for new things to do with my unruly head.

Pinky said...

Oh I miss this!!! I used to love putting your hair up. The girls look just as regal as their Mom did! Aren't they beautiful? I'm not sure I still remember how to do that, it's been so long. It's almost conference time!! I'm getting so excited! Love You *Muah*

Sarah Z said...

It looks so cute. BTW- absolutley LOVE that shot of Chooch looking in the mirror. I can't wait until Kendra has enough hair to make "pretty". I lOVE doing hair, just not my own!