Monday, November 3, 2008

To the Undecided Voter: MUST READ!

This was such a good article that Chris' dad sent me - well worth the read.

"This is long; very long. Hey, I'm a pretty entertaining writer ... so give it a go. If you're an undecided voter in this presidential election the least you owe your country is to try to base your final choice on some substantive facts. No, I don't have all the facts here ... but I have enough of them to perhaps convince you that voting one particular way on November 4th might not be the most brilliant move you've ever made..."


Kate the Great said...

Where did your "I'm voting Democrat" video go?

Gosh I hope you didn't think I was being serious the other night when I showed you my 'reply' to it?

I thought it was funny.

Stephanie said...


haha - I'm not easily offended! I still haven't watched that video though, I'll have to find your page again! ;o)

I guess you didn't hear me that night when I was telling some of the other ladies that I was going to start pulling the videos off my blog so I can have it 'print ready' for this years' book. Unfortunately I still haven't done that (I had just pulled off that one Tuesday night).

Kate the Great said...

oh good!

emily a. said...

Thanks for the recipe. It does look fantastic. i'll give it a try.