Saturday, December 13, 2008

Night in Bethlehem

Friday night was our Ward Christmas Party and our theme was "A Night in Bethlehem." It went off beautifully - and I'm so glad it's over! Here are a few pictures from the night:

Some of our fabulous youth (Ryan Tarpenning and Janae Heninger) helping at the candle-making booth.

The woodshop was a big hit! Here are Carson Humphreys and Joseph Bartholomeusz pounding nails, while Luke Freeman works on his wood shavings.

A small sampling of our amazing old world food...other items included: flat bread, falafel, hummus, tiziki, tabouli, pita chips, olives, grapes, dried fruit and nuts, oranges, cookies and baklava.

The food booth

The Shepherds (Michael Packard and Jim Bartholomeusz) with Mary (Ali Wood) and Joseph (Jordan Freeman)

Our sweet angel choir: Lead angel (Mikayla Crystal), Janessa Crystal, Erika Crystal, Sariah Young, Aurora Asay, Laethym Zahlmann and Avonleigh Zahlmann
They sang Silent Night.

The Shepherds making their way through the streets of Bethlehem

Under the Scribe Tent, where people came to write letters to our missionaries, then sealed them with sealing wax.

A veiw of the cultural hall before the guests started arriving...

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