Saturday, December 20, 2008

Winter Wonderland

We have had the MOST incredible weather here this winter! We will usually get a little bit of snow each year (we're talkin' an inch or so and it melts off by late morning). But this has been COLD and the snow finally started to fall...and fall...and fall...oh, and it stuck! It truly has been a winter wonderland here for us! I could handle this type of weather every year!!
I was so impressed with this girl! As tiny as she is, I thought she'd be frozen and want to stay indoors, but oh no! She was a trooper and kept going - even when she was eventually soaked to the bone!

Our "sled dog" Harley. Isn't he cute?! He had such a good time pulling the kids around - I think they enjoyed it too!

Avonleigh getting her turn on the sled

Daddy and Payton (she was much happier being up then down)

Christopher's "Oh man, I guess Daddy can still beat me in a snowball fight" face.

Laethym doing a face-plant

Look at our beautiful road! I love it here!

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