Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Love Day

My one-and-only honey had to work today. No biggie, he usually works on Saturday. But he came home bearing gifts - cards and candy ;o) We've had a nice, quiet day.

I/Zeke had a great night last night! So I was feeling pretty good this morning and wanted to surprise my sleeping sweetheart when he woke up. One of his favorite breakfasts is biscuits and gravy, so we decided to make red-marbled heart biscuits.

Ready for the oven

Kitchen helpers

Grandma, still lookin' cute without her makeup!

My egg-whipper

And Mr. Zeke. He found his fingers. It was love at first bite.

Happy Valentine's Day!


Sarah Z said...

How cute are you?! That's a sweet idea. They look yummy too! I bet he loved it. Todd had to work today too. Good thing kids are around to keep us company huh?

Patti said...

HI PINKY!!!! What fun pictures. Your new little Zeke is adorable! I love his dark coloring - just like my Christopher when he was born. Have fun and enjoy your time together.

The Boys Club plus a girl! said...

Look at you guys up and around! Didn't you just have a baby! I'm glad you're feeling so well! Take it easy while you have an excuse :-)

Pinky said...

Hey! ;o) Hi there Patti! Thank You! you r the sweetest! This boy has been such a good baby. And Steph and Chris have been good enough to let me intrude into their lives for the past two weeks! I had soooooo Much FUN! Love and Miss You Guys!!!