Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Coming soon to a doorstep near you (the fudge, not the boy)


Tonight was goody-plate-making-night! Above is a sample of what will be on our goody plates (Rocky Road Chocolate Fudge).


It was a LATE night...and after a couple of failed attempts to put this little man to sleep, we decided to let him stay up and "help" with the festivities!

And then he did this:

Sleep tight, baby boy.


Sarah Z said...

Yumm...oh how I long for some of your fudge these days! I can't believe how big Zeke is already. Nor can I believe that you updated your blog ;-]

Patti said...

Your baby is so BIG and ADORABLE!

Rebecca said...

Gosh he is adorable! Those eyes could melt anybody!