Sunday, January 24, 2010

Brawn and Beauty

Saturday was Christopher's first basketball game! He was so excited! It was really funny to watch all these little boys run around like chickens with their heads cut off! But let me say, A SPORTS PHOTOGRAPHER, I AM NOT! I definitely don't have the right lenses (yet) for the indoor sporting events! And the lighting in those old gymnasiums...I'm just sayin'!

Off to a good start! Go, Buddy!

Please. Go. In! Christopher made this one (and only) basket for his team!

Getting tired now...


They played a good game and more importantly, they had fun! Great job, Bud! I can't wait to shoot some more action shots in other gyms (fingers crossed the lighting will be better)!

Afterwards we came home and had a little celebration for Avonleigh's birthday (more to come on that)!

And this beautiful lady is my mother - to know her is to love her! I won't tell you how old she is, because, you know, us women are funny about that. But let me just say that she is almost ALWAYS mistaken to be my sister.

It was a nice weekend! Here are a few little things that I want to remember:

*I was extended a call at church to work with the women of the Relief Society and Avonleigh turned to me excitedly and asked, "DO YOU GET TO GO TO RELIEF SOCIET-MENT?!!"

*Payton fell asleep on Chris during Sacrament Meeting and then proceeded to empty her bladder all over him. He was holding her kind of high on his chest, so it soaked from chest to knees! He took her and went home.

*We were listening to a song by Mindy Gledhill, "A Little More Like Thee," and the chorus goes as follows:
"Have I blown all my chances to be,
Less like the captive and more like the free?
More like the innocent child in me;
And maybe just, a little more like Thee."

And Avonleigh busts out from the backseat singing, "Less like the CAPTAIN and more like the FREAK!"
That is SO my Avonleigh!! Comic relief at it's finest!

Mindy is an extremely talented singer, and a wonderful person! It would be WELL-WORTH your time to take a listen to this amazing song from such an angelic voice.

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