Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Lovely Laethym; black and white photography

I love black and white photography. I'm fascinated at the spectrum that you find in black and whites.

Confession: I have a hard time tweaking a black a white just the way I want them to appear. I'm sure this comes with practice (lots and LOTS of practice), but I know how I want them to look in my head...it's just finding and utilizing the right tools to get that end result!

Anyway, I really like this picture of Laethym. She has the smiliest eyes! I'm aware that this isn't really a word, and in fact, spell-checker tried to change it to "slimiest!" The nerve!

It is uncanny how much she looks like her daddy did at that age. I'll have to scan and upload pictures. Some day.


It was one busy day today! We were on the go-go-go! Out the door by 7:45, home for a brief stint at lunchtime, then off again until 9pm! "Busy" just doesn't quite describe it.

It ended (for the girls) with Avonleigh and Laethym having their first cheerleading practice (I threw up a little when I realized I hadn't brought a camera with me). It was just hilarious to watch them and all the other little girls, try to learn the dance moves to Hoedown Throwdown by Miley Cyrus! They have two more practices before performing during the Varsity Boy's Basketball game half-time show on Friday!

I WON'T be forgetting my camera then. Although, once again, horrible gym lighting...yikes!


Sarah Z said...

I can't get enough of all your posts! That is an awesome pic of Peanut. That's fun the girls are in cheerleading! I bet they are the cutest ones in their squad! So I am waiting for a disc of our pics before I order any prints. You said you were doing that, right?! I'll then be able to tell you if I want any changed, but so far I love what I see! THANKS A MILLION

Pinky said...

Don't Peanuts eyes just light up a room! I Love this little girl!