Monday, January 18, 2010

Number 5 alive

I used to love the movie Short Circuit. And the robot would say, "Number 5 ALIVE!" I can't think of a better way to describe my Avonleigh! She is 5 years old today and SO full of life!

I wanted to document her past and present birthday(s). She's the oldest child that I can do this with, because her older brother and sister don't have digital photos on my computer! Boo. The poor quality on most of them comes from older cameras and less experience! ;o)

Mommy holding her newest edition: January 18th 2005

Ok, bring on the food!

Grandma and Avonleigh
Grandma and Avonleigh

Her first birthday
1st Birthday

It snowed just before her 2nd birthday - she was in heaven!
2nd Birthday-ish

Her 3rd birthday, heading off to preschool
3rd Birthday at preschool

4th post-preschool birthday
4th Birthday at preschool

Always up for an adventure!
Adventure Girl

A wonderful friend

She requested ham and glaze with mashed potatoes for dinner...
5th B-day dinner

...but instead spent the time licking Chocolate Fudge Frosting off the spatula
5th b-day licking frosting

The cake...sweet anticipation
5th B-day cake

Make a wish baby girl (can I still call you that?)!
5th B-day candles

I can't imagine our family without your wonderfully quirky personality! And I can't imagine a day going by without seeing these big, beautiful eyes.
5th B-day girl

You are so loved Choochie Bear!


Sarah Z said...

What a cute post! Short Circuit was one of my favs too...that's funny! Happy Birthday Chooch! We miss you.

Pinky said...

What a Wonderful tribute to an equally wonderful Granddaughter! You are so right Mom, I can't imagine our family without this precious Jewel! Happy Birthday Choochie Bear... Grandpa and Grandma Love you Ooodles and Goobles!!

Nate'n Sandra said...

What the heck! I've checked your blog off and on, but kinda gave up for a long time. New Years resolution or something?! And when did you become the worlds greatest photographer? Congrats on the new little one by the way! Adorable!