Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Z Fam

This sweet, little face belongs to my niece. I had the wonderful privilege of taking her family's portraits while they were in town for a visit. It was so much fun - even if it was SOOOOO cold!


And this handsome tyke is her little brother. He has the most amazing eyes! Notice the dark (blue) lips - it really was cold!



Beautiful family!


I hope to do it again! Love you guys!


Sarah Z said...

I love them all Steph! Especially the one of Kendra...you are great! Thanks again. If you're sure you're up for it, we'll do it again anytime...we/I LOVE pics! Besides, the next time we come up, we'll be ready to update!

Pinky said...

WOW! Look at this Handsome family! :o) Hey Todd & Sarah! Extraordinary shots honey! I love the close up. But they are each Wonderful!