Saturday, February 20, 2010

Baby James

This precious baby was an absoute joy to photograph!

I just couldn't get enough of his amazing baby blues (so clear at such a young age), and those INCREDIBLY KISSABLE LIPS!

How cute is this diaper cake? Her friend made it for the baby shower - SO creative!


emily a. said...

I'm loving your posts- that baby is so adorable. You did a great job taking the pictures. Those cupcakes are quite the creation- I'm impressed! And that you captured a rainbow on that walk- amazing. Did you just get a new camera?

Stephanie said...

Hi Emily! Thank you for your kind comments. I have always had a great love and appreciation for photography. Wonderful photographers like Leah and Kim inspired me to learn more and explore the world of digital photography. I have a lot to learn! I hope to be able to capture the memories of our lives with clarity as they seem to fade so quickly from memory.

Beth said...

OH my goodness..what a sweet baby!! Look at those beautiful eyes and those LIPS!!!! GREAT pictures Steph! You are AWESOME.