Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Beautiful Family

This past Sunday was my adorable nephew, Grayson's, blessing.

His father gave him a beautiful blessing, surrounded by his Uncles, Papa and Bishopric.

My sister-in-law asked me to snap some family photos of the special day.

I love this family shot.

Daddy and Corbin

Cooper and Corbin

All 3 boys

The two responsible for such adorable boys!

Last family shot


Pinky said...

These are Fabulous! Awe, what a beautiful Family! Scott and Jessica, what a Beautiful Family you are! :o) *hugs* Love the black and white of Coop and Corbin! And the close up of the proud parents.

Sarah Z said...

Steph...I am lovin this! I bet they are so happy with how those turned out! You inspire me to pull my fancy camera out. So thanks! And i hate to keep buggin you about it cause I know how super busy your life is, but do you have a disc of pics for us yet?!

Stephanie said...

Sarah - I thought you were kidding, but you seriously didn't get your disc in the mail? It's probably been a good 3 weeks since I sent it! I figured no news was good news.
I'll burn another one, then double-check your address with you and send it out tomorrow!