Wednesday, March 17, 2010

When Irish Eyes are Smiling

Ok, so we're not REALLY Irish, but Happy St. Patrick's Day anyway! I have very little Irish in me - and my kids have even less, but they sure had a good time dressing in green and celebrating the Luck 'O the Irish!

Avonleigh dressed herself for preschool:

I grew up surrounded by Irish and Celtic music. My Dad's brother, David, had a well-known Irish band by the name of Shaughnessy Hill. They were fantastic! My dad is a HUGE fan and growing up we all took part in learning different Celtic instruments, including various pennywhistles (tin whistles), bodhran drum, tambourine and lots of vocals! What a great childhood! I feel badly that I haven't shared enough of these experiences with my own children. I love the variety of Irish music - haunting melodies and snappy lyrics (not necessarily together at one time).

One of my kids' favorites is The Golden Vanity. This is a slightly different version than I taught them, but you get the idea!

Some other great ones for your listening pleasure (all by The Clancy Brothers):
I Never Will Play the Wild Rover No More

Whiskey You're the Devil

The Moonshiner

PS - I came down with a sinus infection, so my oral surgeon cancelled the surgery until the 29th. Something to look forward to. NOT!


Lisa said...

GREAT photos Stephanie!! All your kids are just adorable! I can't believe you have 5!! That's great! I love big families!:)

Sarah Z said...

sorry to hear you're sick...The photos are adorable. I like the last one alot and the one with the girls kissing Chrisser is DaRliNg!! Happy St. Patty's Day!

Rebecca said...

Your kids are so darn beautiful! Your photography is really getting good too! Keep up the good work!