Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Adorable C Family

This is my friend Katie and her cute family...
Beautiful eyes!  Remember'll be seeing them later...

Beautiful family!

The eyes...they kill me!

We did an indoor shoot (obviously), which is not my favorite, but I love this candid moment.

Another candid moment with "Sheepie".  This is Avonleigh's best boy friend whom she has vowed to one day marry.


Sweet Baby Goob
(He was NOT feeling well this day and actually ended up in the hospital a couple of weeks later)

What a fun family!

This one cracked me up!

I have a funny story about this photoshoot (I hope Katie doesn't mind my sharing)!  The morning of, she called me up to reschedule for a later date.  The reason?  Her oldest dumped a bottle of GREEN food coloring in his little brother's cereal bowl!  His face and hands were covered in green dye!  I figured we should go for it anyway, and then plan to do a re-shoot later.  She got quite a bit off before I saw him, but it was still pretty extensive!  It ended up being much more time consuming to make that green disappear than I had anticipated! hehe 

Good times!

Thank you C Family for being such great sports!  Next time, we do outdoor shots!


Sarah Z said...

What a fun family to shoot! It looks like a blast. I love their house [assuming it's theirs:-]

Kate the Great said...


I love them. They turned out so we amazing; exactly what I was looking for.

I totally agree, this summer, when Goob is walking, we do out doors.

Thank you so much!

(and sadly, no Sarah, it's not our house... it's one of the model homes that Steph's husband built.... but I'd give my right arm to live there. and am modeling much of my new house after things I saw in it. lol)